Om MTG Music

MTG Music er et av de største uavhengige plateselskapene i Norges vidstrakte land. Vi har en lang fartidstid i bransjen.

  • Testimonial

    Larry Bringsjord

    Managing Director

    About Larry Bringsjord

    Mobil: 974 05 050

  • Testimonial

    Maria Bringsjord


    About Maria Bringsjord
    Mobil: 93893184

  • Testimonial

    Helene Sundt


    About Helene Sundt

    Helene Sundt is head of A&R, digital maketing and promotion manager in MTG Music.

    She has ten years experience of working with artists of all genres. She loves music and the work around an artists progress. The best feeling is to see an artist succeed and be part of the journey.  

    «There is no end to the possibilities»

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