ODA Release New Song About Feeling Homesick


Home is where the heart is?

Growing up, your hometown is your world, at least to some extent. When you get older, however, you might find that there is more to the globe than that little town, and that life in general has more to offer. ODA did this discovery quite early, and in a small Air BnB in New York some time ago, she wrote her new single “Brain vs Heart” to describe it.  The first sketches of the tune were performed at open mic nights in NY and Brookly during the same trip. How cool is that?! After working with producer, Jowst, the song has become a track with bags of hit potential. ODA’s unique voice has lots of feeling and really makes the listeners understand the conflicting emotions of feeling homesick. ODA explains it like:

“The song portrays how it is to feel homesick at a grown age – you feel insecure about whether your hometown is actually your home.”

Fortunately for ODA her music has spread all over the globe with listeners in many different countries. Her previous single “Forever or Never” was added to big Norwegian playlists like New Music Friday, Made in Norway, Slow Down, På Repeat, Mørketid and Ny Pop. It also landed a spot on the New Music Friday Iceland playlist. ODA keeps getting requests from DJs all over the world to make music with them. And she actually cooperated with Danish artist MORTEN on his hit single “Keep me from you”. Her energy is now focused on creating music of her own, and we can’t wait to share her debut EP in March. STAY TUNED!