Music Video: ODA – Brain vs Heart

Brain vs Heart

Music Video Shoot in Tiger Town

It’s a frosty morning in Oslo, Norway. ODA and photographer Jostein have both gotten up early to shoot promotional snippets for the upcoming release of “Brain vs Heart”. As the previous post will tell you, “Brain vs Heart” is all about where you feel at home. In ODA’s case her home has been in Oslo for the last couple of years. Norwegians often call the city “Tigerstaden”, or the Tiger Town. The origin of this nickname derives from a poem written by Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, called “Sidste sang”. In the poem Bjørnson describes Oslo as a dangerous and ruthless city, much in contrast to how it is today. As for ODA, Oslo is the town where her heart has led her. Therefore, the obvious location for a promotional shoot was right here in the pulmonary artery of Norway.

Brain vs Heart

Behind the Scenes: Waiting for the tram.

Brain vs Heart

Behind the Scenes: Shooting at Oslo Sentral Station

The video locations were partly planned beforehand, partly decided as the day went by. Shots are taken anywhere from inside the bathroom of a local bar, to inside the city tram. The result? As the footage turned out so great (if we may say so ourselves?), Jostein ended up pasting together an entire music video.

FUN FACT; the super cute dog in the movie is actually ODA’s very own new puppy called Øde. Looks like Øde takes after her mother and really nails being in front of the camera, right?

Finally, if you haven’t checked out the video yet, you have the chance below. Feel free to follow ODA on Spotify and put her songs in your playlist <3