Gamekingz are Taking Over the Month of February!


Gamekingz February Takeover

Prince Kane and Shaq Raw release four songs in four weeks!

Gamekingz are not known for doing things small, and for this release (or should I say releases?) they have really done it BIG.  They have taken over the month of February and are releasing one song every Friday of the month. As always, the tracks are packed with attitude and fire, and consists of a genre mix only Prince Kane and Shaq Raw would dare to think of. The groups playfulness is also reflected in their stage presence, and luckily for us the guys are also having an “Oslo tour” to go with their February take over. They finish the “tour” off by playing at by:Larm the 1st of March.

The in total four songs is called “For the Kids” (release February 1st) ; a full out hip hop/rap track on the harder side of the specter. Flames are flying, and the bass is bound to give you a new heart beat. “Skate” (release February 8th); which is all about the typical rapper lifestyle. It combines chill flute loops with a trademark Gamekingz heavy beat. “FLEX” (release February 15th); even though it is within what you could call the traditional hip hop/rap genre, Prince and Shaq knows how to spice it up, and make the genre their own. And last but not least “Cheese Cheddar” (release February 22nd); the more laid-back yet fierce song with Shaq in the lead, that has been on repeat at the MTG office for a really long time.

You can follow their takeover here.

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