Jan Arild Sørnes and Mikkel Gaup Join Forces

Mikkel Gaup

Jan Arild Sørnes and Mikkel Gaup have made their own version of “Walking in the Air”

They have chosen to call the project “Muitalus” which means “Fairytale” in Sami.

It’s exciting when two known artists from Alta in Finnmark, Norway, team up for a musical project. When the two artists are Jan Arild Sørnes and Mikkel Gaup, it has to be a success. By creating their very own version of the song “Walking in the Air” under the Sami project title “Muitalus”, the duo wishes to honor both Finnmarksvidda and the upcoming Finnmarksløpet that is going down 8th of March. “Muitalus”, which translated means “fairytale”, is also a nod to the adventure that is Finnmarksløpet. The dog-running event is a big festival that creates excitement for both visitors and residents, and Jan Arild and Mikkel have taken a lot of inspiration from the event. The song is also meant to reflect the pride both artists have over coming from this particular part of Norway.

Jan Arild Sørnes, who has been called “the man with the awesome blues voice”, has previously made music in both Norwegian and English. Even after almost 35 years in the industry, Jan Arild isn’t laying on the lazy side. Beside touring all around Norway, he has been a big part of the developing of the Norwegian blues scene. Mikkel Gaup is known for his many roles, and in March 2018 he entered the role as musician with the release of his debut album “Run Wolf”. He has also played all over the country, and showed that the stage is where he belongs when he performed at Sami Music Week the same year.

You can listen to the song here: