August Kann Release His Debut Single and it’s Awesome!

August Kann

Fresh Artist August Kann Release His Debut Single

“This Smells Like Paris” shines a light in both heart and soul

Already at age 9, August Kann started his first band. Now he is ready to drop his very first single as a solo artist. The talented singer and songwriter from Ski, Norway, has up till now been in several bands, and also has a BA in jazz vocals. The debut single “This Smells Like Paris” is actually not only his first track, but also the first song to release from his upcoming debut album. Already in June, the album is set for release. August characterize his music as “simple”, yet his music is both comfy and extremely well executed. His music reaches out to the listeners heart in the best possible way.

“This Smells Like Paris” is inspired by the longing for the sun and the summer, a feeling us Norwegians is pretty familiar with. Am I right? August can reveal that he hadn’t even been to the French capitol when he wrote the lyrics. There was just something that reminded him of Paris. One thing’s for sure, this track will give you the summer vibes you desperately need! And when the third season hits us, it is perfect for barbeque in the sun, and relaxing in the shade as well.

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