ODA’s Debut EP HIDE is Out Everywhere


ODA shares a piece of her heart with her debut EP, HIDE

The five tracks bring up themes such as heart ache, rootlessness, vulnerability and homesickness

The time has finally come – ODA is ready for the release of her debut EP HIDE. HIDE consist of five smashing tunes all written by ODA herself. The planning of this release started a couple of years ago, and the artist tells us that this is truly a little piece of her heart. The five tracks bring up themes such as heart ache, rootlessness, vulnerability and homesickness. The songs are based on experiences and thoughts she has done in her own life, something that really is portrayed in her unique presentation.

The single focus for this release is the tune “Don’t You Know”. It’s a song written by ODA just after moving to a new town. At the time she didn’t know anyone, and had a difficult time adjusting to her new home. As her identity was strongly linked to her previous home, she felt that she had left a part of herself in the moving process.

Previous merits

Joachim With Steen better known as Jowst, and Are Næsset is with her on the team as producers, and they have really taken it to the next level. ODA’s songs is closing up on two million streams on Spotify and has been in editorial playlists such as New Music Friday in several countries, Slow Down, Made in Norway, Ny Pop, På Repeat and Mørketid. Her single “Brain vs Heart” was also listed on Norwegian national radio channel NRK P3.” She is also accompanying Andrian Jørgensen on the song “The Bubble” which is in the Norwegian ESC final this year. In addition, she has had features in Det Nye magazine and at among others.

Several bloggs abroad has already given the EP-release attention. Read all about HIDE and it’s focus single “Don’t You Know” on Complex and Earmilk.

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Listen to the beautiful EP her: