Christine Balk’s new tune, Too Good, is a Real Banger – Check it Out!

Too Good

Relationships and Hardships

Christine Balk’s new song is about the love you don’t want to lose

Relationships can be tough, and sometimes it is hard to know if the other person is worth fighting for (or with). Stupid arguments about the same things can get even the best of boyfriends or girlfriends to shed a thought of doubt. One throws out some poorly thought-out words but regrets it. Cause if you found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you go all in and do what you can to keep it. This is the theme of Christine Balks new single, “ Too Good ”. Christine loves creating songs about different aspects of love and relationships and spices it up with a sass and coolness only she can add.

Another song within the same theme is Christine’s previous single “don’t let me fall for you”, which was listed on NRK mP3. As was her second single “Where Have You Been”. Other merits worth mentioning is listing on several big editorial playlists such as New Music Friday in several countries, Indielista, Ny pop med kant, Don’t Miss a Thing and Musikk til arbeidsdagen. The driven 26yo has played several concerts in Oslo for full venues, and she played at by:Larm – all during the past year. Christine now spends her time planning more concerts in addition to her debut album.

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