Dance your socks off to Henry Land’s new single, Walk


Henry Land brushes dust off old project

Dance your way through spring with ” Walk “

In 2016 the work with the song “ Walk ” started. After several rounds of production and new vocals from the talented Kim Hagen, it has become something a bit different than what artist, producer and DJ, Henry Land initially had planned. The version that drops May 16th is a firework of a song that fits perfectly for those late spring nights. With an expression that is “a bit more club” than the original, there is no doubt that this needs to be in the summer party playlists. Not just a danceable and energizing tune, “Walk” may also give you an extra boost of confidence. Henry explains the theme of the song as:

Walk is a song about letting go of someone you once loved. Someone that over time have abused your trust. It’s about gaining control of your life again and moving on.

Henry Land

2019 has been a busy year for Henry Land (aka Henrik Haugland Gundersen) this far. This is his third single dropping since Januray, and there is even more to come. Every new song is made in collaboration with other Norwegian artists. This time it is the abovementioned Kim Hagen that has contributed. Several other projects is in the making, and if you like this version of “ Walk ” you can look forward to hearing the original that is also due for release some time this year. 

Henry Land has previously done well with both his original songs and his remixes of other artists work. His songs have been playlisted on NRK mP3 and NRJ, and also played at several radio stations in Europe and the US. He has been added to many editorial playlists and gotten shout outs from big blogs from all over the world. Henry has been the warm up act for Matoma several times and played at by:Larm 2016.

Take a listen for yourself here: