August Kann release his debut album


Five years, nine songs and one long album title

New artist August Kann is ready with his amazing debut album

With a soundscape that overflows of comfort and soothing sounds through thirty gorgeous minutes, the fresh artist August Kann has made an album perfect for both late summer nights and long rainy days. The album title “How Did All These People Get into My Room” (try saying that fast five times, ey?), comes from Kann’s overall inspiration where people, conversations and experiences from his own life is central. Hopeless love, politics and the ups and downs of life, is just some of the themes he visits. Accompanied with guitar, piano, drums, fiddle and violin, it is impossible to hear this album without getting hit in the heart. August’s characteristic, hoarse vocals just puts the cherry on top, and you can hear that he sings from the soul.

In addition to having written and produced all nine songs himself, the talented artist from Ski, Norway, has also recorded at his own initiative. Taking place in the most bizarre places, the recordings have been done anywhere from a regular studio to his own kitchen. Despite having done a lot himself, he has a big team of other young, driven musicians with him on the team – all educated at The Norwegian Academy of Music. It is also during the times studying here the album was made. Now, five years later, the album is ready to be released.

Green out of Grey

Single focus for the album is the song “Green out of Grey”. The ninth song on the record is about the days where everything feels hopeless and grey. However, it also poses a glimpse of hope.

‘Green out of Grey’ is about pulling yourself down to the bottom and blaming yourself for everything that is painful. At the same time there is still hope in the lyrics. An idea that you can make all the grey turn green, and that it maybe always turns green in the end.

August Kann on “Green out of Grey”

Two singles from the album has been released in the past, “This Smells Like Paris” and “Brother”. Both songs were added to the New Music Friday Norway playlist, and they have been played on several of Norways biggest radiostations. August has kept busy with gigs, and besides doing shows in Oslo, he is also travelling “across the pond” to play in Great Brittan as well.

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Listen to the beautiful album, “How Did All These People Get into My Room”, here: