Kicking off October with a bang – three new releases


MTG MUSIC released two new songs and one album this Friday!

It feels like the summer started like.. yesterday? But fall has fallen, and we are ready for the season to come. This Friday, we celebrated the release of not one, but three releases. And what is better than to start off the second week of the Halloween month than with some new tunes in your playlists? Check out our releases below and be sure to have an awesome Monday!

HLXV – Spontan

HLXV is a project consisting of several singles where the song “Spontan” is first out to be released. The cooperation between DJ and producer Henry Land and singer/songwriter Vemund Rosendal, started during spring this year, and resulted in a much bigger project than what the artists had foreseen. Thus far the cooperation has led to a collection of six danceable and catchy songs – all in Norwegian, and inspired by anything from dreams, to club life and flirting. “Spontan” is no exception and is about living life when you have the opportunity.  Jump on an airplane to a foreign country and get out of your comfort zone, is the talented duos encouragement.

Listen to Spontan here:

CHIM – Hvite Elefanter (Album)

Chim has been in the music game for over 15 years, and now it was about time with an album. The title is “Hvite Elefanter” or “White Elephants”, an expression that Chim uses to express how he often feels that he lives beyond his abilities. This debut album shows a personal side of Chim and describes a life that hasn’t always been that easy. Friends with bad influence, too much partying and other things has been a part of his life for a long time. Now, he hopes that this part of his life has passed, and that the future brings other and better experiences.

Check out the Hvite Elefanter album here:

SPIRA  – Ville bare høre (feat. Joddski & Jan Steigen)

Like Chim, Spira has been in the Norwegian rap scene for many years now. This Friday he released the single “Ville bare høre”, a song about feeling underestimated because of his Toten dialect. With him on the track, he has brought in Joddski and Jan Steigen – also a couple of legends in the industry. The single is the last one before Spira drops his third studio album later this month, called “Var det vært det?”.

Listen to Spira’s “Ville bare høre” here:

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