A Happy Weekend


ODA released her brand new single “Happy” and MTG visited old friends

Two concerts, one night

Another week has come and gone, and so has our favorite day – Friday. This particular Friday was one for the books as we at MTG Music were invited to not only one concert but two. It just so happens that our friends in Klovner I Kamp celebrated 25 years since meeting, and we were invited to the party at Sentrum Scene. Closing up on 20 years of collaboration with the guys ourselves it was a night of reminiscence taking it all the way back to the very first album release, “Schwin”. The album dropped in 2000 and contains the song “Damer”: a song used by all the guys in Klovner AND (by the sound of it) the audience to pick up girls at some point.

February 19. 2001, Klovner I Kamp dropped their second album with MTG Music. “Bjølsen Hospital” sold to gold in 2002 and also won a Norwegian Grammy Award! Still legendary, the album is being played frequently also today, and the previous weeks celebrations showed that the songs are living on almost 20 years later. “Kaninkoker 2”, “Nattens Sønner” and “Varsko” is just some of the songs that was played from the album, and we probably sang just as high as the clowns themselves. In 2003 the full lengther “Kunsten å Fortelle” dropped, followed by the self released “Ørnen Tek Ikkje Unga” in 2005.

Three beers and a cab ride later…

After celebrating our old friends in Klovner I Kamp it was time to celebrate one of the newer additions to MTG’s roster, ODA. Approximately six minutes and forty-five seconds in a taxi separate Sentrum Scene and the old restaurant Tranen at Alexander Kiellandsplass. ODA greets us in a stunning black dress and her hair in a bun. In the back of the locale is a keyboard covered with small fairy lights. On the wall we see a projected image of the just-released “Happy” cover. We arrived a little before midnight and the venue soon filled up with people. In fact, it got so full that it wasn’t much room for any more audience.

In addition to two unreleased tunes, we also got to hear beautiful acoustic versions of both “Brain vs. Heart” and the new “Happy”. ODA also showed the music video for her new track, which you all will be able to view later this week. Needless to say, there’s a lot happening around the talented singer/songwriter. “Happy” was actually listed on New Music Friday Norway, Ny Pop and Made in Norway. In addition, it was listed on NRK P3. You may also come by it at NRK P1 Hedmark/Oppland. Stay tuned for more music to come, and maybe listen to Klovner I Kamp or ODA while you wait.

Listen to “Happy” here:

Listen to “Bjølsen Hospital” here: