“Aura” – The brand new Pegah single is here!


“Aura” gets listed on NRK P3 and lands a spot on New Music Friday.

On the new single, “Aura”, Pegah has brought in both JNS and 2ndHaf as producers.

Since she released the single “1985” in 2017, Pegah has garnered praise from several people in both the music and media industry. Her songs have been playlisted at NRK P1 and P3 with good rotation, and she guested Christine Danke in the last-mentioned channel. Pegah has used 2019 well, creating brand new music that is now ready to be shared with the public. The song “Aura” is the first to drop and is about growing stronger from the hard times in life. Pegah herself says she wants to give the listeners strength to let go of the stuff that is painful. Laid back beats and Pegahs unique voice makes “Aura” a most comfortable listening experience.   

“Aura” is written by Pegah and clearly brings her sound further form the earlier releases. However, there’s no doubt that this is Pegah! With her on the song-making team is Thomas Jones, better known as JNS, as well as the duo Morgan Kornmo and Mourad Jarrari in 2ndHaf. Besides nice radio listings she has also gotten good playlists at several streaming services. On Spotify you may have heard her songs on lists such as Ny Pop, Made in Norway, Laidback Beats and New Music Friday in multiple countries. There is more to come from Pegah in 2020, so keep your eyes and ears open.