MORTAL (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


MORTAL: Hollywood with a modern, norse and personal twist

Marcus Paus has written one of Norwegian film history’s most ambitious scores to André Øvredals MORTAL.

André Øvredal, the director of Troll Hunter, is ready with a new motion picture called MORTAL. The Narrative offers a wonderful mixture of norse mythology, superheroes and Hollywood-factor. As the film, the music created by Marcus Paus, is a travel through reality and mythology. Further, the story mixes different genres and presents a tale like no other. The album has been recorded in several cities, both in and outside of Norway. Stavanger Symphony Orchestra and Budapest Film Orchestra is playing on this beautiful score. Other contributors include Ditte Bræin, Kåre Nordstoga and Nils Økland.

Watch the MORTAL Official Trailer here

Marcus Paus, born 1979, is one of his generations most sought after composers. He has done more than 50 orders for leading ensembles and performers. His works include chamber music, solo pieces, choir and vocal music, concerts and other orchestral works, a symphony and multiple operas. In addition, he has made music for film, TV and theatre. Paus’ music is known for its expressiveness and great craftsmanship. Marcus has received the Wessel price from Det Norske Selskab in 2012. I addition, he won the Norwegian Music Publishers price for composer of the year in 2016.     

MORTAL is kind of the best of both worlds! With its Norwegian scenery, norse theme and at the same time extravagant Hollywood production, it should present something for everyone. Marcus Paus’ music is in the same way both a renewal and an expansion of Hollywood traditions. Still, with a modern, norse and personal twist. By merging contemporary, electronic and folklore elements, Marcus has created a musical adventure we hope everyone will enjoy traveling through.

Listen to the full soundtrack here