Born in 1989 in Skien, Norway, Joachim Thorkildsen grew up in an environment that was a bit out of the ordinary. His life has had many ups and downs, and he quickly ended up in bad company with people of bad influence. His somewhat different upbringing led him to music as an outlet, and rap as a genre seemed to fit him well. In the beginning it was more of a heavy rap he preferred. However, as he grew older, the more commercial aspect of the genre turned more appealing. Going under the name “Chim”, he soon found that music was what he wanted to pursue. Chim also chose to experiment with Norwegian rap and has stuck with it ever since.

Chim always use his life experience as an inspiration when writing songs. This makes for songs in a wide specter of moods, and also different takes on the hip hop and rap genres.  Now the rapper has several million streams and counting! He has also played concerts all over the country, for instance Kragerø Live and Treungenfestivalen. In addition he has played live at God Morgen Norge, and many clubs around Norway. Now he is focusing on creating new music, and we can’t wait to show you what’s to come.