Prince Kane and Shaq Raw makes up the heart and centre of Gamekingz. The guys met in Drammen, Norway after moving around for several years. Prince is originally from Kongo, and later moved to Levanger, before ending up in Drammen. Shaq originates from Kenya but moved to Sandvika after having spent most of his childhood in Stavanger. In Drammen, the guys quickly found common ground in music and formed Gamekingz in 2012. Neither Shaq nor Prince had made music seriously before meeting. However, they both grew up in a music focused environment and had a shared love for hip hop and rap.

Growing up was not easy for the guys, and so they found comfort in listening to and later make music. They have both stated that music in many ways saved their lives, and writing lyrics was a big help in coping with adolescence. As they grew older, the music grew and developed with them. They started out making hip hop and rap with an old school vibe to it, however they now prefer to mix it up with influences from gospel, jazz, reggae and world music.

Even though Prince and Shaq is still in their twenties, they have already gained a reputation for delivering on stage, something that has led to them playing several concerts in Norway, as well as Germany and the Netherlands. They have also shared the stage with artists like The Game, Cezinando, Lars Vaular and Unge Ferrari.

In 2017 Gamekingz signed a record deal with indie label MTG Music and is hard at work creating new songs and playing concerts.