Born in 1989 in Gjøvik, Norway, ODA grew up in a musical environment with parents playing a lot of music from the 60´s and 70´s. When she grew older she listened to artists such as Sigur Rós, Bon Iver, Coldplay and Keane, and at age 15 she started writing her own songs. The preferred genre turned out to be pop lyrics with a main focus on all-consuming heartache and relationships gone bad. This is still her favorite theme when writing songs even though the genre has evolved quite a bit.

ODA has the last couple of years created songs within a scandi-pop and electronica inspired soundscape, a genre that fits perfectly with her gut-wrenching and heart stabbing lyrics. You really can feel and taste the heartache! This might sound as a negative, however, Oda has the voice and words to make it into something super beautiful. Her soft yet strong vocals are backed up by trendy and interesting electronic sounds and makes her songs a staple for those achy private playlists. In recent years ODA has also been a frequent vocalist on other artists tracks. One for the books is the tune Keep Me From You by Danish EDM artist MORTEN. In addition, she has attended several Norwegian television shows and guested many radio stations.

In 2018, ODA signed a record deal with Norwegian indie label MTG Music. She is now planning her upcoming releases which includes songs made in cooperation with Norwegian artist JOWST among others.