August Kann from Ski in Norway started playing music at the age of 9 when he and some friends established a rock band. August’s interest in music continued growing, and he eventually went on to study jazz vocals at The Norwegian Academy of Music. August describes his music as “simple”, yet it is comfy, well-executed and reaches out to the listener’s heart in the best possible way. He has toured Norway and England, played at a festival in Denmark, and been discovered by booking in the Netherlands. 

August’s lyrics are often inspired by both his own stories and day to day conversations with others. The music combines references from artists such as Paul Simon, Nick Drake, Leonard Cohen, Bon Iver and Thomas Dybdahl, but he’s managed to create his own unique expression. August released his first single ‘This Smells Like Paris’ in 2019. The song went straight into New Music Friday and gained a lot of publicity from Norwegian radio. Later that year, MTG music released his debut album ‘How Did All These People Get into My Room’. This album was written, recorded and produced by August himself and is about hopeless love, politics and everyday life with good and bad days. As a great storyteller, August gives the album a melancholy, yet refreshing vibe which is perfect for both sun filled-and rainy days. August’s characteristic, hoarse vocals just puts the cherry on top, and you can hear that he sings from the soul.