Christine Balk is a Norwegian artist, singer and songwriter, born in 1992. Her childhood was filled with music as her parents both played different instruments, and before long, Christine as well started singing. You would often find her behind her mother’s piano making songs, even though she didn’t know how to play. Christine is all about making music that can move the listener’s hearts, minds and bodies. With her band she delivers energetic and sparkling pop with a touch of R&B. Delicious beats, sassy synths and bags of girl-power are just some of the qualities you can find in her songs. Several of her songs have been listed on the Norwegian Radio station NRK Mp3, and added to New Music Friday in multiple countries, amongst other playlists. 

Christine also knows how to use her voice for something other than singing. During the last couple of years, she has engaged in the work of the organization A21, who is working to abolish modern slavery. In addition, she cares about the environment, and that people should feel as good about themselves as they possibly can. All of these traits are often used as inspirational sources in her music.