When you grow up in a family where everyone are musicians, it doesn’t take much to end up as one yourself. Gunn Kvaale has been inspired and influenced from birth and it all started with folk music in the children’s choir. Later in life she has shared stages with Olav Stedje, Tone Damli and Jarle Bernhoft. In recent years, she has won the award for Newcomer of the year at Luttprisen, her song “Like I’m Made of Stone” was nationally listed on NRK P1 for 17 weeks straight, she is a fashion icon written about in Minmote/VG and her songs have frequent appearances in radio, papers and editorial playlists.



One of her most popular songs is her Christmas single “Heim til deg” which was her first song in Norwegian, and after that she decided to use her beautiful dialect even more. In 2023 she started her Norwegian project where she collaborated with musicians like Emelie Hollow, Jim Bergsted, Magnus Clausen and Bjørn Helge Gammelsæter.