Singer-songwriter Humle expresses the complicated in an easy way. With an honest and heartfelt glance, he explores the tops and lows of a young, but experienced life. In a genre-play where downcast and introverted piano ballads are replaced with life-affirming stadium-anthems. He transforms his hometown Fredrikstad into Bruce Springsteen’s New Jersey and, in one moment, steps into the role as a minister of street poetry, and in the next looks back at what has been and what never was. It’s nostalgic, restless, hopeless and hopeful. 


It’s not unlikely that you’ve seen Humle on stage at some point as he tours all over Norway every year and appears on several festivals. His music is also popular on radio and editorial playlists. His featuring single with Marion Ravn, “Ser du”, was nationally listed on NRK P1 and was performed on several TV shows.