MIDTLIVSKRISE is a Norwegian rock band composed by a gang of routined and experienced foxes. The band is stubborn, tough and hard, just how middle aged men want to appear, but their text universe offers dead honest and lightly ironic reflections of life as a middle aged man. Vocalist Gard Mortensen (Mohammed), guitarist/songwriter Frank A. Tostrup (ShirleysTemple/ Revolver/ Backstreet Girls), guitarist Remi Antonsen (Exploding Head Syndrome/ forgetaboutit), bassist Christoffer Aas-Pedersen (Pryl/Salvation Circus) and drummer Fredrik Fagerli Dahle (Masterpiece of Cake) have knocked their heads together to challenge the established, Norwegian rock cliches. While most rock bands sing about pubertal, unrealistic and bland texts about love, pain, sex, drugs and rock’n roll, these guys touch upon subjects like prostate issues, bad beard growth, the need for reading glasses and involuntary trips to IKEA.