Oda Kvingedal Larsen is a Norwegian Pop singer known for her participation inThe Voice and Melodi Grand Prix. Her music is played in multiple countries, and singles like ‘Forever or Never’, ‘Happy’ and ‘Brain vs Heart’ were added to several big Norwegian playlists like New Music Friday Norway, Made in Norway, Slow Down, På Repeat, Mørketid and Ny Pop. ‘Forever or Never’ also made a spot on New Music Friday Iceland. ODA has also been a frequent vocalist on other artists’ tracks. One for the books is the tune ‘Keep Me from You’ by Danish EDM artist MORTEN. 


ODA’s songs are inspired by a Scandinavian pop and electronica soundscape; a genre that fits perfectly with her gut-wrenching and heart-stabbing lyrics. You really can feel and taste the heartache! This might sound negative, however, ODA has the voice and words to make it into something super beautiful. Her soft yet strong vocals are backed up by trendy and interesting electronic sounds that make her songs a staple for those achy private playlists.