Oslo Soul Children is a gospel Choir that has since the start in 2001 collaborated with many Norwegian and foreign artists. They have sung with Travis, Josh Groban, Wenche Myhre, Hanne Krogh, Helene Bøksle and DDE, just to mention a few. The choir movement with children in the age group 10-16, has also grown to include 170 choirs world wide, with several self-made festivals and collection projects. Oslo Soul Children is the pilot choir and consists of over 90 active members. The Soul Children movement is also the largest of its kind in the world. 


Oslo Soul Children has had many big performances. They played at the castle during the king and queens 80th birthday celebration and have previously sung at several Norwegian television programs (Skavlan and Lindmo). The choir has also been nominated for the best children’s record at the Norwegian Grammy awards (Spellemann), they’ve won Oslo’s artist prize, and choir leader Ragnhild was awarded the Petter Dass award in 2010.