Strange Animal has decided to keep their identity hidden from the public and use their cognizable logo as their visual identity. What we can tell you is that Strange Animal consists of two brothers from a town just outside the capital of Norway. The DJ-duo’s main goal is to make their listeners get their asses up off the couch and have a good time. Whether you are dancing in your undies with your hairbrush in hand, or if you are out hitting the club. 


Even though the concept of hiding your identity is not a new one in theElectro-dance music scene, you definitely haven’t heard of or seen anything like Strange Animal before. The Brothers are all about making music that is danceable and catchy. Their debut single ‘DéjàVu’ was released in February 2018, quickly followed by ‘California’ in April the same year. The first mention was listed on Norwegian radio station NRK mP3.