Wait What

Wait What is someone that’s been slapped hard in the face by everyday life – with an unhealthy relationship to coffee, wide eyed dreams and TikTok.

Lyrically, Wait What fumbles awkwardly with how it feels to be in your twenties in the two-thousand and twenties. The temperature and water is rising, democracy loosing its grip and we alle have casual sex on-demand in our phones.

The soundscape is built on «Groovy beats» the music also borrows from 70’s Soul, Jazz and LoFi all wrapped up in modern production-techniques. But what are we actually listening to? Is it pop, funk, soul, R&B, lo-fi or indie? Someone else can argue about that! Anyway, the music is filled with awesome beats and good vibes!

The trio has a number of educations and experiences from school, projects and bands across the world. The boys met on a song-camp the day before the lockdown in 2020, where they quickly realized that they needed to continue producing music together. The band consists of Robin Tonjeson Howard, Nickolai Lerpold Larsen and Jon Dürbeck Johannessen. They are three completely different guys who came together and created something truly special.